NEWBRICK Shapes by Acrocore
is designed with the same Traditional Pre-Cast Stone Appearance.


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10X Lighter that Pre-Cast Stone

3X Faster. 3X Thicker. 3X Better.

High Performance Architectural Shapes like no others before.

World Class Architectural Shapes and Starter Boards 

NewBrick Shapes by Acrocore, installed with NewBrick will ensure you have a complete system warranty. Architects can specify a complete NewBrick CI system using NewBrick by Acrocore pre-coated architectural shapes and Starter Boards.





  • Lightweight Cement Coated Stucco Mouldings

  • Won't rot and impervious to Insects

  • Surface has a Bold cement finish 

  • 1,000's of standard shapes

  • Very light weight, durable and easy to install

  • Simple 3 Step Profile Selection Process





  • Type 1 Classification EPS Expanded Polystyrene wrapped in a flexible, impact resistant fiberglass mesh

  • coated with a polymer modified, flexible cement coating

Acrocore Earns ICC Evaluation

3X Thicker than standard mouldings

CC-ES Evaluation is important for Acrocore Exterior Mouldings to reference the evaluation report to our customers. Building officials and the building industry can be assured that our product and installation methods meet ICC Code requirements. ICC-ES operates as a global technical resource with the highest quality of product review for building departments.


ICC-ES thoroughly examines product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure that all products are code-compliant. ICC-ES Report  ESR-2931

3X  Faster to Install than standard mouldings





Pre-Coated Architectural  Shapes


Guaranteed to enhance the value of any residential or commercial project without the high material and labor costs traditionally associated with accenting with mouldings manufactured of other media. 
Newbrick Shapes by Acrocore line of Exterior Mouldings is economical, lightweight, durable and easy to install by a single person using traditional techniques and tools.



NEWBRICK Shapes by Acrocore

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Clifton, New Jersey 07011





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